Meet my childhood nemesis.  The hula hoop.

I dreaded my interactions with the hoop, as I could NOT hula!  I tried countless times, and failed.  😦  Oh, I could get it going around an arm or leg, but around my muscle-less middle, it was hopeless.  The craze passed, eventually, and I heaved a sigh of relief.

Like all things retro, the hoop is back.  Yesterday in my Pilates class, Luna, our awesome beacon of light and inspiration to all feminine strength (she is amazing on the pole as well), spoke the dreaded words, “Everybody grab a hoop”.  So I did.  Feelings of inferiority that I thought had passed at 12 resurfaced, baring nasty thought of EPIC FAIL IN PUBLIC!

Not being one to just give up, I thought, “Who knows?  Maybe my body has gained some inner knowledge in the passing years…” yeah, right.  😛

But I did it!  For the first time evah!  I am a hula hooping goddess!  Ok, so maybe not a goddess yet, but I was amazed!!!  My childhood fail was washed away, and I emerged victorious over the hoop.

This is the new generation of hula…fitness!  Watch out world, I think I’ve developed stomach muscles.  This is next!  😛