Caturday Follies

Another week gone.  How does it go so fast?  I had planned to start cutting back a bit (quantity, not quality), and trying to select healthier food choices, and was determined to exercise every day this week, until Mum and Rat Boy showed up with Freebirds for lunch.  That was yesterday.

Today we had lunch out at the ‘everything on the menu is fried’ southern cooking joint, but was totally awesome, of course!  My resolve melted into a puddle of iced coffee on the floor as soon as I smelled the fried zucchini and mushrooms.  So much for healthy eating!  😛

On the other hand, I still have kats to show me the way to true enlightenment.  They’re not concerned with getting into that special occasion collar.    They ARE concerned with me keeping plenty of food available, so the bottom of the bowl is never seen again.

And lollygagging in various places. I love that word! 🙂

But occasionally, they have close encounters of the wilder kind…and an urge to feed themselves.  And share.

MMMMMMMM…squirrrel!  And, yes, that’s really my kat.  At least the squirrel is not in the closet.  Yet.

Yes, that’s a squirrel behind the blinds.  Alive.  Living in the woods is SO great sometimes.

And they think our human concerns to be so bizarre.  Like shoes, my personal raison d’etre!  Hello,

B A D G L E Y  M I S C H K A

I just wish I had prettier feet to go with the beauty which is…SHOE.