Is it Caturday yet?

Marie Curie Kat says it’s looking good!

We need more women in science.

Then maybe I could get my computer to stop being an asshole freaking out and just do what I ask of it.

Not even going to mention that, yesterday, when I stepped out for a mere hour,  Hubby decided to help me ‘fix’ the dang thing.  When I came back, he had somehow managed to hide ALL my files.  And then left for work.

Not realizing the files were hidden, I thought they were deleted.  Irreplaceable pictures (of Rat Boy, an unforgettable Sweet 16 Birthday, food I haven’t had the time to blog about yet), documents, and oh yes…the tax returns from the last 3 years.


Thoughts of murder briefly crossed my mind.

Fortunately, Rat Boy was Skyping with one of his friends.  Miraculously, this very nice young man offered some ideas, and all of my files were relocated, unscathed.  The same can not be said for Hubby, who, I’m betting will never touch my computer again!  ;-P

I still can’t understand how he could accomplish in less than 5 minutes something it has taken me a few hours of tedious clicking to un-do.

Oh well, chillax and have a wonderful Caturday, and enjoy the intermittent rain of our week of Spring.

The heat index is projected to be 99F tomorrow!

Caturday. With Drums.

Last night, Rat Boy and I headed into town for a Taiko drumming performance.    It was an awesome performance and lots of fun hanging together at the outdoor theatre.  Of course, we did have a tiny cool(er) spell, so sans sunlight, it was really quite nice.

Thus, for your viewing pleasure, today I shall feature kitties…avec drums!

You really wouldn’t think that katz and drums go together, but apparently…

And katz DO tend to get into the most unexpected places!

Often, it would seem.

I’m thinking they have musical aspirations far beyond yowling!


Kind of reminds me of Kitchen Kat.  Vaguely.

I’ll finish with the real thing.  Spectacular!!!  The guy on the right is blowing an actual conch shell.  Very cool!  🙂

Orange Pecan Wild Rice

The other day, my Mum passed on some wild rice that she got from a friend who actually grows it in Minnesota!  I love wild rice, but never seem to cook it properly.  Guess I’m inpatient.  😛

LOL.  I meant iMpatient, but some days in-patient works too.

So I turned for help to the barefoot contessa.  I just love her show…and her food.  She always seems so calm, even when having a party with awesome food and drink that all looks like it took a week to prepare with an army of chefs!  I also wanted to add a nice layer of flavor to the rice, which admittedly does have a nice nutty flavor alone, but I’ve been trying new things lately.  Plus, I really wanted to zest some oranges with my new microplane zester!  😛

Start with a cup of wild rice, 1 1/4 cup broth (the contessa uses chicken, I used veggie), 1 1/4 cup water, and 1 tbsp butter in a small pan, high heat to boiling.  Immediately cover the pan, turning the heat down to a slow simmer.  You can salt or not.  I don’t.  We are weirdos who don’t like salt much.  Go figure.

Cook the rice for about an hour.  This type of rice should be stirred occasionally, but not until it’s almost done.  You will know when this is because the grains begin to burst open.

When the rice is tender, turn off the heat and let it steam for about 5 minutes.

Stir into the cooked rice 1 cup of toasted pecan halves, 1 tsp orange zest, 2 tablespoons orange juice, 1 cup seedless green grapes, and 1/2 cup of chopped scallions.  No basil.  This time.  😀


It was VERY orangy.  I think the next time, I’ll leave out the juice, and just go with the zest.  And, the boys thought the grapes were a little weird, so I’d only use 1/2 cup.  Otherwise, it tasted great.

We ate it with pork chops, which was kind of a fail, then with Savory Crockpot Chicken which was a stunning success.  I’m leaving that for tomorrow, as it’s kind of late, and the boys are clamoring for cookies.

Beer of the week

This is my favorite beer of all time.  Well, except for maybe Young’s Ram Rod, which I can’t seem to find, at least here in Texas, anymore.  Sad Face on that.

But this well-rounded British ale has excellent character and flavor that can’t be beat.  It’s a heavy duty ale, with a nice 6% alcohol, which is nothing for you rum and whiskey drinkers.  😛  However, when it comes to ales, any stronger and you’re moving into thick, rich double-bock territory.

I’ll just stay here.  😀  As with many British ales, cold is good, but not too cold.  It really tastes best around 78F, but in Texas if you’re outside, it will undoubtedly attain a warmer temperature than that.  I continue to hope this is less than body temp, but on some days in the sun it likely approaches 98 or 99F if you aren’t drinking it quickly enough!

A great stand by beer, if you like ales…not too hoppy, a bit nutty, not too bitter, not too sweet, and having a lovely amber shade with nice head.  I really DO consider this a middle-of-the-road kind of beer, and that’s not because I’m driving in that position after I’ve had a couple!  It’s quite smooth also, so several can disappear rather quickly.  As in…who drank all my beer out of the cooler? quickly.  And than you realize it was you.

Singles come in traditional pint size, but it is also available in 6-packs.  (I wish someone would invent a 6-pack of pints!)

Taking Root

Having crossed our great state of Texas 6 times in the past 3 weeks, I’m feeling a bit beat up.  Maybe it’s residual motion sickness.  Whatever.

A few things have kept me going, besides the awesomness of my family and friends.  One of them is Bloggess.  Because I feel a bit like Copernicus looks.  And I need hugs, too.

Since I’m really not up to actually murdering anyone today, I’ll also share with you all the end of the Basil rooting experiment.  It’s still alive and looking good, by the way.  Go me!  😛

The water is that interesting shade of brown due to the seaweed solution which I had dumped into the plain tap water.  Seaweed stimulates cell growth, so I was trying to be kind to the little rootlet before manhandling it.  And then the dirty work!

Looks happy, right?  Especially with a dish of yummy pasta with meat sauce sneaking into the photo!  Life is a juggling act…on one foot when you have a tiny kitchen.  😀

I’ll try really hard to have something more foody tomorrow.  Honestly, I just couldn’t find the motivation to visit the kitchen today, other than to make coffee this morning!  Maybe it was that yoga class last night.

After missing so many classes from being out of town, I could barely walk to the kitchen this morning.  😦

I struggled on…the coffee was worth it!

On the Road Again

Summertime.  August.  Hot…goes without saying I suppose, since most of the country seems to be having ridiculously hot weather.  And we are trekking across Texas again!  Visits to Aggieland generally include a stop at the Trollbead store.


The glass beads, similar to Pandora, but I think prettier, are hand blown glass from Denmark.  Every bead is slightly different, even when they are the same bead, because of the actual handcrafting, almost unheard of in this day of mass production.  A trip to the Trollbead store requires an open schedule, companionship, and an iron will…or a spending limit on the bank card!  They should have a sign:

At least it’s only detrimental to your pocketbook.  😛  Now, if I could just rationalize that shopping = exercise!

Should be back home in a day or two, getting prepared for schooling Rat Boy, and trying out some new recipes I’ve been perusing.  Meanwhile, remember…

because it’s Texas after all!

Basil Basil Everywhere

or so Hubby has started to think.  He asked the other day, “Are you going to put basil in everything now?’  Good idea, I thought.  But the continuing heat has me SO lethargic (along with the frequent trips back and forth across Texas lately)!

Yesterday was a good day to not turn on the stove…again.  So we did dinner a la snack!

Veggie goodness, with a bit of cheese and hummus for protein.  I happen to LOVE blood oranges, though I can’t get them all the time here.

Hummus is actually the Arabic word for chickpea.  They’re also called garbanzo beans, which is Spanish, or cece, which is Italian.

To make the hummus, which is much less expensive than getting it from the market (and really not much effort either), you’ll need 1 can of chickpeas (about 2 cups if using rehydrated beans), 1/4 cup liquid from the chickpeas,  3 tbsp garlic, 2 tbsp olive oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2 tsp parsley, and 1  1/2 tbsp tahini (optional).  Mix together until smooth in food processor or blender, adding liquid as needed.  Add spinach, red pepper,  roasted garlic, olives, sun-dried tomatoes, or pine nuts…or basil, whatever flavor floats your boat.  About 1/4 to 1/2 cup will do, depending on how much flavor you like.  Mix to incorporate.  You can also drizzle a bit of olive oil over the top to serve as it looks pretty!  🙂

I like to serve hummus with naan for dipping.  It’s kind of Indian flatbread.  Dots, not feathers.  You can also go with pita, which is almost as good.  Heat it in the oven, or toaster oven if you are practicing oven avoidance.  It’s even better still warm!

And no, I didn’t take this picture last night.  Because the memory card was in the pc upstairs, and I forgot it wasn’t in the camera…again. 😛  Last night we has pineapple instead of blood oranges, and sugar snap peas.  And the hummus was tomato and basil (go figure).  Hummus in the photo is spinach.  But the idea is a winner no matter the season!  😀

Beer of the Week

I’ve run out of new beers to try at the local market!  So, I stopped in the liquor store to peruse their selection and found…

I couldn’t get to the house and pop the top on one of these quickly enough.  Of course, I was a little impaired by the tears of laughter streaming down my face and random bursts of giggling, but did manage to reach the homestead safely.  My patience was fianlly rewarded as I settled on the porch to enjoy the evening’s sultry humidity and this fine brew.

It’s great!  Must be the tempering over witches process.  Since we all know by now that witches are made of wood and weigh the same as a duck (which obviously accounts for their uncanny floating abilities), it seems that it was only a matter of time before some genius of beer brewing put them to use in creating a masterpiece.

This week’s beer offering is a good, sturdy British type ale with a light nutty flavor, not too hoppy, not too bitter, pleasantly middle of the road….well, ale.  Being a big fan of the British ale, I was not a bit disappointed by the taste, and expected smoothness.  Heavier than the summer brews and hefes, this still makes for a great summer beer since it’s not really what I’d call “heavy”.  A better description is well-rounded.  It’s great alone or with food, or while you’re still out in the heat grilling the food.

The bonus, if you’re a Monty Python fan, is the extra guffaws of laughter you’ll get every time you pick up the bottle to take a sip.  And be sure to prominently display the carton, as the print is larger so you’ll still be able to read it after a pint or two the bottles are gone!

I want more.  😀


Today, the boys are going fishing.  Not just any old Tom Sawyer-with -a-cane-fishing-pole-fishing, but fishing in a boat with a private guide fishing.  They’d better come back with some edible fish.  😀

My plan for the morning was to hop on the motorcycles and catch an early bird movie with Hubby. Been dying to see the new installment of Transformers.  And yes, I did watch the cartoon.  Stop judging me!!!

Instead, I looked around the bedroom when the alarm went off and thought, “Wow!  It’s kinda dark.  Wonder if I set the alarm correctly?”.  Indeed I had, so I ventured forth onto the porch and saw a miraculous sight…rain.  Real rain, with overcast skies reaching from horizon to horizon!  Beautiful, soothing, dripping from the eaves rain.


See!  The grass actually looks green…at the moment.



Even the birds  look happy for a change.


Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, in case you care.  🙂

Altogether a beautiful day…since we’re having a drought.  And rain is great for fishing.  Especially when it’s not me.

Home Again

We arrived home in good order last evening, after trekking back across Texas much faster this trip, as the other drivers apparently had shaken off their Friday lethargy and had returned to SOP (driving 85 to 90) so we made good time…Rat Boy and my nephew ensconced in the back seat.  Started out with a quick trip to Starbuck’s for driving coffee.

Nephew is visiting for a week so that Grandma can take the boys out to enjoy every activity that she could think of which could be enjoyed by adolescent boys.  They had to get up at 9.  🙂

Kitchen Kat was happy to see us.  He didn’t even hide under the bed!

Planned to post this yesterday, but somehow my computer was immediately hijacked upon our arrival, so I just read a good book and patiently waited for the boys to switch to X-box.  Waited, and waited…then went to bed.

Today, I’ll get to the market and stock up to feed 2 teenaged boys…and Hubby.  You’d think they were out actually doing work all day the way they eat!  So there should be lots of fun food to share this week.  And I’m heading out to the pool for daily laps (which haven’t been daily lately) before it actually reaches 100!

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