Little House on the Bayou

Haven’t been cooking much lately…my bad.  😦  I am exhausted.

I’ve been thinking that I should explain my lack of interesting things to eat to those of you who actually keep coming back to see what’s been bubbling in the oven or on the stove!  🙂  Thanks for that, by the way!

A couple of months ago, Hubby thought we should make the switch from apartment renting to house renting.  I (aka Personal Assistant Girl Friday who also happens to cook him yummy stuff to eat) was tasked to see if such a thing could happen.

After investigation, the outlook was pretty dismal.

We had a reassessment moment…listed the pros and cons of renting v owning…and decided that we needed to build a house.

I have three acres of land in a fairly rural community on a little bayou just south of  Houston that my parents gave me when I married Hubby.  So, being long on labor and short on cash,  we are clearing the first by hand…

This is how it looked when we started.  Scary, right? I think Bigfoot is lurking in there somewhere.  😛

My boys are working SO hard!

Even my parents, in their 70s and 80s are helping out!  😀

After a couple of weeks, the pile of stuff we’ve pulled out seems enormous!

As of today, we’ve accumulated such a large brush pile that we had to have it removed!  With a front end loader.  😛

Really, it’s pretty amazing how different it already looks.

They took away 4 trailers of brush on Saturday.  They’re coming back for the rest on Monday!

So, for the moment, posts will we fewer.  I hope to make up for the lack of quantity by the bounty of quality.  😀

And then, I will have a kitchen with actual windows and sunlight!!!  I might even be able to post pics of my food looking as appetizing as I keep telling you it is.  😛

And as a bonus, because it rained this week (so I got to take a day off), I will post actual food.    🙂



Rainy Monday-ness

Because I still have a cold…

You never know.  It might not just be any virus!  😛


Already through the first week of 2012!  Time for some giggle snort kittehs.  😛










Have a wonderful Caturday!  See you next week.  😀

Cold Season

I’ve had a bit of a cold since New Year, so haven’t really been online to post.  Nyquil is my friend!


I won’t forget Caturday, since I seem to have hit a hot button with that weekly feature.  It’s fun, and doesn’t require my virus laden brain cells to work too hard!

Be back next week with new nomables!