Caturday…with yoga!

We are spending the day today driving out to the piney woods of east Texas to have a holiday meal with my Great-Aunt-Mary-Jane.  Should be a good day overall…at least the out-of-the-car part.  Can’t say I’m too fond of hours in the car.

Unless I hang my head out the window like a dog.  That can be really fun!  Unless you suddenly encounter a large insect, hurtling through space then impacting your head like a brick.

But all the bugs in life cannot be avoided.  Thus a lesson in serenity from our feline friends…

Breathing in, come into all fours,  breathe out and we’ll meet in downward kitteh.

Remembering to scoop your tail and draw your shoulders down your back…

With mindfulness,  lower the top of your head…

At the end of practice, we all want this:

And nobody wants this:

Hope y’all have a most excellent and relaxed Caturday!