Caturday…it’s THAT time again!

Rat Boy was in a tizzy this week.  I made the awesome yet tiny chocolate chip cookies twice.

Once for Hubby’s work buddies.

Once for Hubby’s poker party.

This explains how my week has been.

Good to know…no matter how big the kat, inside they’re still weird kittens.

With a foot fetish.

This could be Kitchen Kat.  If he wasn’t already neutered.

And now, because it’s Caturday, and because Hubby’s motorcycle has to go back to the mechanic in the morning (again), I’m going to go play some WoW.

Hope your Caturday has a little Leeeeeeeeeroy in it.  😛

Oh yeah, and I did post yesterday.  The Word Press server must be in Greenland, because it was only 10:45 last night here, and it was already today on the post.

Guess I’d better make sure to get on it earlier from now on!

Random Food

It’s been a really busy day.  So I’ll leave you all with a bit of food pr0n.

Since I’ve committed to posting every day.



And dinner.

I’m kinda sad panda they aren’t bigger pics.  But it’s making me hungry anyhow.