Chicken Taco Solutions

So I had some leftover grilled chicken breasts hanging out in the ‘fridge, along with some pico and a hunk of cheddar cheese.  I had been reading “My Brother’s Tacos” on Pioneer Woman earlier this week…fortuitously it would seem.

When Rat Boy gave his hungry almost man-call I lept into action.  Actually, I went and stood in the door of said fridge, shopping around.  And saw the chicken.  Miracle moment for me…thankfully.  And I’ve never been so glad that I started reading other people’s food blogs.  (and that Aggie turned me on to the whole blog scene)

I hauled out a small saucepan, figuring that I’d only be making a couple of tacos.  Blessings to the inner voice that said at the market yesterday, “Just throw a bag of tortillas in the cart…they might come in handy”.  So a thin layer of oil to start.  Thankfully, I had something besides olive oil on hand, so I went with canola, which really seems the better of the two for frying.  🙂

Shredding the meat from the already cooked and chilled breasts was SO easy…usually I’m leaping around the kitchen waving my burnt fingers, LOL.  Then I stirred in the pico, and voila!

Yes.  All that remained was to slap some into a corn tortilla and throw it into the hot oil.  Not literally, it’s just a way we Texans have of exaggerating some things.

Really, they look and smell awesome.  Brown, and turn, and brown, and drain.  Using paper towels.  LOTS of paper towels.  It really helps when removing the finished tacos from the pan if you hold them at an angle to let the most oil run out of the taco at that time.  If you want to live dangerously, it can run out onto your hand later.  I am not responsible.

After draining, add cheese, guacamole, sour cream, or whatever floats your taco boat.  A couple of tacos turned into four, then the entire bag of tortillas was gone.

Rat Boy let me have a bite.  They were great!  🙂