On the Road Again

Summertime.  August.  Hot…goes without saying I suppose, since most of the country seems to be having ridiculously hot weather.  And we are trekking across Texas again!  Visits to Aggieland generally include a stop at the Trollbead store.


The glass beads, similar to Pandora, but I think prettier, are hand blown glass from Denmark.  Every bead is slightly different, even when they are the same bead, because of the actual handcrafting, almost unheard of in this day of mass production.  A trip to the Trollbead store requires an open schedule, companionship, and an iron will…or a spending limit on the bank card!  They should have a sign:

At least it’s only detrimental to your pocketbook.  😛  Now, if I could just rationalize that shopping = exercise!

Should be back home in a day or two, getting prepared for schooling Rat Boy, and trying out some new recipes I’ve been perusing.  Meanwhile, remember…

because it’s Texas after all!