Today, the boys are going fishing.  Not just any old Tom Sawyer-with -a-cane-fishing-pole-fishing, but fishing in a boat with a private guide fishing.  They’d better come back with some edible fish.  😀

My plan for the morning was to hop on the motorcycles and catch an early bird movie with Hubby. Been dying to see the new installment of Transformers.  And yes, I did watch the cartoon.  Stop judging me!!!

Instead, I looked around the bedroom when the alarm went off and thought, “Wow!  It’s kinda dark.  Wonder if I set the alarm correctly?”.  Indeed I had, so I ventured forth onto the porch and saw a miraculous sight…rain.  Real rain, with overcast skies reaching from horizon to horizon!  Beautiful, soothing, dripping from the eaves rain.


See!  The grass actually looks green…at the moment.



Even the birds  look happy for a change.


Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, in case you care.  🙂

Altogether a beautiful day…since we’re having a drought.  And rain is great for fishing.  Especially when it’s not me.

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  1. LC Aggie Sith
    Jul 20, 2011 @ 14:39:04

    I heard they had a great time! Looks like y’all are having fish for the rest of the week, too 😉

    And yes, no childhood was complete without the Transformers. I think we still have some of the dolls action figures at my parents’ house!


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