Road Trip

Today is a special day.  My niece turned 16 today!  Thus, I was forced, coerced, enticed to drive across Texas in the heat…well, really only halfway! 🙂  It seemed that every person in the state who doesn’t understand that the speed limit on the freeway is really just a suggestion and that it’s courteous to move out of the way so that faster traveling traffic can go past,  OR they simply weren’t reading the signs that say “slow traffic keep right” were on the road with us today.  It took us almost 5 hours to make a 3 hour trip…average speed 65…speed limit 70. 😦

Enough said about that.  Hubby has to work (another sad face) so Rat Boy and I loaded up the vehicle this morning and headed west.  Made it in time for a quick trip to the Trollbead store…their motto should be welcome to your new addiction…and then on to a really nice birthday dinner at TGIFriday’s.  All six of us ordered the potstickers, weirdly, which were actually pretty good.  Then, my favorite part, dessert!  Being pretty stuffed already, I snuck a couple of bites of the vanilla bean cheesecake, and woo hoo!!!  Dance party in my mouth!

I’m hooked on skinny margaritas.  TGIFriday’s has a blackberry ‘rita that I’d heard was great.  Now I can attest that it is fabulous!  And after that drive I really needed a nice cool adult beverage (or two).  Wish I’d taken a picture.  Sadly, though I did bring the camera so I could catch Rat Boy in front of every Starbucks on I-10, I forgot to get the memory card out of the pc at home and replace it in the camera.  EPIC FAIL!!!  Hey, at least I noticed after the first Starbucks, so Rat Boy didn’t have to pose more than once. 😛

Heading home tomorrow.  Have a memory card now, so who knows what trouble we can find on the way.  Whatever it is, I’ll be sure to share it!