Summer Solstice

Well, it’s official.  Summer is here, and with it, rain?  Somehow this seems a bit off for my part of the world, when the arrival of Summer (not that you can really tell the difference from Spring), heralds a lack of rain but continuing hotter than Hell warmth.  They say La Nina is once again responsible for the oddness of our weather.  Whatever.  Give me a sweater and I’ll happily sit and watch the rain, enjoying a nice cuppa Joe!

Our modern world doesn’t seem to have much time for staying in touch with Mother Nature, unless she is smacking us down with a tornado or flood or other ‘natural disaster’.  Monday night, I attended a drum circle’s welcoming of Summer which was really quite moving.  We all managed to put aside the ordinary cares and worries of our busy lives, and concentrated on feeling joyful and thankful at the change of seasons.  So today, instead of sustenance for the body, I give you sustenance for the spirit, hoping I can share a little peace, joy, and gratitude for the beauty in our world.

First, water.  Our Earth is more than 70% water, as are our bodies.  We would find it impossible to exist completely without water.  Water cradles us in the womb and washes through our lives, helping us de-clutter when necessary, washing us clean in body and spirit.

Then fire, also cleansing, renewing, warming, but sometimes out of control and frightening.  Fire is the creative power in each of us, the Spark of the Divine we all carry.

The third element pertaining to changing seasons is Earth.  As we grow more technologically oriented, we’ve grown away from Earth, always under our busy feet, providing us with the food we need to flourish whether we notice it or not.  Earth gives us a solid foundation upon which to build our lives, grow our families, dream our dreams of flying high, and incredible beauty upon which to feast our eyes and fill our souls when we stop and look around.

I found it a treat to dance to the rhythm of the drums, as perhaps my ancient ancestors did, as indigeous peoples around the globe continue to do, and find the time to be thankful for the things in my life that I am blessed with.  I also enjoyed the spiritual/mental aspect of pushing out the clutter, letting go of those things which I do not need, and finding joy that there is a changing of the seasons, even though we might not feel it so much in Texas!

Take  a quiet moment to be thankful today and think of all the wonder and beauty in your life.  I wish joy and peace to everyone who needs it…and also those who don’t think they need it at all! 🙂